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The Playboy Magazine of the Bangalore porn-movie scene; this was before the advent of the internet & its myriad avenues. Look for that crumbling old theatre at the corner of Brigade Road, opposite Mota Arcade.

Every man's dream destination, since it screened all the 'A' certificate Mallu movies. Girls (like me) making the innacent mistake of asking their fothers to take them for one pitcher there got one tight slap. The posters had lurid images of fat-fat aunties wearing bloujes made with 4 centimetre cloth + checks lungi that barely made it. Some ladice even lay sexily in pools of blood...yeeeewww, whats so hot about THAT, my diyar fellows??


Ganesh: Abbabba! Like this any boss will be aa? Work work work itsimms! Phew, too much i am stressed!
Magesh: Me also ra. Adikk bessstu solution. Opera theatre we will go & put one pitcher. Nylex-du latest bandidiyanthe, come!
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