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Short for non-vegetarian, a collective term for all meat, poultry, and fish based dishes, a necessary distinction in a country where the primary culinary force is vegetarian cuisine. This is despite a deep and wonderful tradition of meat and fish preparations all over South Asia. In most menus you'll find two main sections, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.

Going along with this assumption that veg is the mainstream and righteous path and the non-veg, well, not-so-much, the term is also carries the implication of something off-colour, sidey, morally objectionable, even sexually perverse.


Raghu: Ok chaps, I'm cutting...
Shyam: Why suddenly like that?
Raghu: Have to go meet Seetha at her house, no?
Moses: Hmm. Veg or Non-veg?
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