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Kannada exclamation denoting extreme disgust with the front-standing person, leading sayer to express desire to break all cordial ties. Usually said on impulse, hence bound to be tempervary; dont worry, all will be well in no time at all.

It literally translates to ''Donant your company at all pa!!''


Meghna: Ayyayyo! Ayyayyo!! I took Tommy for a walk & he pulled at his leash so hard & ran away! I lost him!
Kamala aunty (Meghna's nayi-barr & owner of Tommy): Oh my God! He is prize winning dog! Got so many prizes in abroad also!! Ayyo, & who will bring in the the newspaper & milk every morning??
Meghna: I only will bring aunty. Every morning I will come! (like that only I can put sight for yuvar handsome son Kumar also, teeheehee)
Kamala aunty: Aan? You aa? Hmph! You will just come in without newspaper & put sight for my handsome son Kumar. *doing one biggg namaskara* Bedappa beda, ninn sahavasane beda!
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