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origins are unknown, but think about this, when roads are really narrow, you can go only one way, think only one way, do only one way. Same to same,is the workings of the human mind. narrow minded means one-track-mind, ultra-orthodox, always thinking boy and girl are not "just good friends", always thinking that archies greeting card means lau, always thinking that joint study is not about studies.


Dad: Oy Surdie, who is this girl coming today to do joint study with you?
Surdie: she is my classmate dad, we are only friends..
Dad, Oy Surdie, I'm your father eh, don't forget, no joint study business and all ok, if you want, call Birdie also and do group study in dining table. ok?
Surdie: da, why are you so narrow minded? I told you na, we are only friends! pah!
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