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Hey Mumbai trying to copy your cousin brother NYC is it? Should we sing Copy Cat Kill a Rat Sunday Monday Eat Your Rat?
Mumbai now has its own logo. Issued by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) the logo is supposed to represent Mumba Devi, the deity the city is named after. "Majhi Mumbai" or "my Mumbai" is the slogan on the logo.

Indian obsession with a woman's maternal role (see above mother there is no other) is clearly visible in the city's logo where a blue dot atop a black circular outline of arms denotes a mother embracing a white flower, symbolic of a child it simms.

If you ask us, it looks like a Fatty Bombalatty fellow rubbing his stomach after consuming jalebi mixed with a small ganja leaf or a post-prandial Mumbaikar ambling around Chaupati after eating Bhelpuri!

Samosapedia gives it a B-


"Isn’t it interesting that in an age where voting by sms, calls, contests on facebook/twitter are common, the BMC decides to take this regressive step and choose a logo for Mumbai without its citizen’s participation, input or involvement"
Added 2013-05-17 by Dishoom Dishoom
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