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A sonorous, deep male voice that will repeat the phrase several times at the start of a variety entertainment function that happens during Ganpati or Puja or Diwali. It is to check the acoustics, which will usually be quite bad on such occasions as the equipment would have been sourced from an inexpensive local Tent House, but also a way for the compere or singer to indicate to the distracted audience that the programme is about to begin and their long wait is over. The exact phrase is "Hello, hello, one, two, three, mike testing" . Usually prefixed or suffixed by long screechy sound from mike which will make waiting audience shut their ears.


Compere : Hello, Hello, 1-2-3..Mike Testing Mike Testing..
Irritated lady sitting on plastic chair under pandaal : How long he is going to test?
Answer : KeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE(loud screech from mike that gets progressively louder before dying down)
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