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Neologism coined by a mallu friend full of thanni one day while watching, arguably the greatest Tamil comedy of all time - Michael Madana Kamarajan (MMKR)

Halfway through the pitcher, said friend suddenly realizes that Kama and Rajan are two different characters and in a state of sudden agitation yells "Not knowing English or what...why is there no Comma after Kama?"

in other words, why not Kama, Rajan.

We then thulped said mallu with tightslap, made him standup on the bench and went back to enjoying the picture.

Re MMKR, it needs it own Samosapedia edification no?


Commie Kutty: Ayyo, what mendal'aa..not knowing english or what? my tember is shooding ep...not putting comma after kama
Added 2011-09-30 by Side Character