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Well known ad jingle for a chocolate toffee from the 80's in India. Translates to "Melody is chocolate-y". The ad confidently proclaimed that Melody toffees were bursting with irresistable chocolate goodness, and it invited kids to try it out and decide for themselves. Brilliant strategy, considering the copious amounts of sugar that were pumped into each little toffee - most kids were intrigued by the ad and hooked at the first taste. It was instantly identifiable by it's unique packaging, the toffee being sort of a mini version of a pencil-box, wrapped in shiny plastic with an attractive twirl on top. Half the pleasure of eating it was unwrapping the fan-like twirl, for no other candy in India was wrapped quite that way back then.

Dentists in India were intensely delighted at it's mass appeal, and earned many a neat paisa filling aforementioned kid's cavities. The damn thing really did stick like superglue to the enamel.

For those who never got to to try it, it was pretty chocolate-y. The sugar high kicked in later.


*1980's India. Kids watching Sunday cartoon hour on DD. The ad comes on just about every five minutes, between each cartoon*

"Melody itni chocolate-y kyun hai?
Melody khao, khud jaan jao!
Melody hai chocolate-y, melody hai chocolate-y"

*At the end of cartoon hour, every kid in the neighbourhood dragged their groaning mummydaddy to the shops for some Melody. Lucky ones got a few extra to take to school the next day*

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