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Son of the soil.

A term beloved of eejit poltishans who want to appeal to the masses, in a "But I'm one of you!" vote-garnering kind of way.

Members of this colourful species are often spotted on the dais of functions where they are chief guests (khadi-clad, bedecked in the sort of tinsel-flecked rose garlands used to crown horses at the Derby). They survive entire periods in power with no discernible activity, because of their coarse connection with the aam junta and the indisputable size of their impoverished constituencies. Yanked out of inertia in the run up to elections to do some rabble rousing and distribute blankets, saris and toddy to their long suffering votebanks.


Darren (gym obsessed jock, channel flipping, looking for the ODI): Who are these losers shouting and throwing chappals in parliament, I say? Unbecoming conduct or what!
Sirish (jhola-toting, cultural studies, JNU type): Be a patronizing snob. Come election day these mannina magas will laugh all the way to cabinet posts.
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