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Phrase. July 6, 2011, Word of the Day


A young studmuffin, dares to lau - sometimes from a distance and sometimes from up close. Most of the time this lau goes nowhere. It is lau failure.

Lau failure is often used to describe those laus that end for no easily explained reason. Also, it is a useful phrase to use with nosy paatis.


Paati: Senthil, kanne, where is Rukmani, I have not seen her for a long time?
Senthil (in solid NRI accent): It wasn't working out Paati.
Paati: Yen? Why?
Senthil (toning down the twang): Lau failure, Paati.
Paati (knowingly): Lau failure a? oh.....
Added 2011-07-06 by Rowdy Rangamma
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