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Noun. February 13, 2015, Word of the Day


Originally derived from the digga pronunciation of the English word "love", it has now wholly eclipsed the English word in usage and meaning.

Now it is a Kannada slang word meaning "romantic intent" but carrying more suggestive overtones. Road-side Romeos distinguish this word from a similar yet orthogonal word dau which means "lustful intent" and is more anatomical in execution.

The gap between lau and dau is the saga of frustruated youth in Bangalore.


He thinks it's dau; she thinks it's lau. How will this end.. Govinda, Govinda!

"What is lau? What is lau? Baby don't heart me... Baby don't heart me... No more" (Haddaway, in India)

"Lau me or hate me, kiss me or kill me... Oh doorling please do something to me" (Dr. Rajkumar, in Europe)
Lau me or Hate me YouTube Video

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Lau is just how some people pronounce love.


sidarth- hi chira!
chitra-hi siddu,lau panalamaaaa?
sidarth-no di,seppals pinjudum
Added 2012-11-09 by othadei
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