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Phenomenon that refers to yeach and yevery Indian eng persons being in lau with the kolaveri song - they just can't seem to stop singing it, humming it, texting about it, tweeting about it, fb-ing about it and you-tubing it. And of course, also defining it on Samosapedia.

It is going viral at a rate that would shame the common cold-cough-fever this winter. Most astonishing is it's popularity amongst those who have never heard a Tamil song in their lives - from Ludhiana to Lucknow, it's all the rage these days.

Symptoms are as follows :

1. Immediately googling the meaning of 'kolaveri' when you first hear the song
2. Not being able to get the song out of your head once you hear it
3. Shaking of the head every time you involuntarily start humming the tune
4. Intense desire to make sure every pal you know hears it and gets the fever too
5. Absolute disbelief/shock if someone tells you they don't like the song all that much (Oishoo/Ayyo/Haye Bhagwaan! Not possible!)


Breaking News : According to reports, the kolaveri fever is spreading much faster than anticipated in the subcontinent. There is no known cure, and many politicians are very worried at this unexpected display of national unity from the youth of this country, that seems to cut across all known borders of states and languages. Divisive state politics has seemingly been forgotten as this song goes viral. We'll have more on this as the story develops.
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