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Noun. July 5, 2011, Word of the Day


An affectionate familiar shortening of Kinetic Honda, a ubiquitous teen two-wheeler, not unlike a scooter or vespa, but for heavens sake not a moped or a TVS!

To have a Kinetic Honda in high school guaranteed attention from the adoring pre-teen masses. And if you had a KInetic Honda you would be a fool not to casually refer to it as "my kiney" as if you cared not whether the cutie you were sporting a wet patch for, asked for a ride or not.

Nonchalance and a kiney were the safest path to adolescent glory. Though it might well be a completely reasonable commuter vehicle for the hardworking middle-class adult, please please do not even think about referring to it as "my kiney" if you fall in this second category. Just hang your head in quiet shame until you can afford better transport.


When I'm cutting in my kiney with Ramya sitting behind me and her arms around me holding on tight... abbha! What a feeling machaan!
Added 2011-07-06 by Studmuffin
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