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Move your bum infinitesimally so that an additional seating area is created for another individual.

Commuter-speak in Mumbai.


Superman chases Lex Luther across the smoggy Mumbai skies. The lithe villain sweeps his gaze across the densely-populated streets and train stations. His eyes lock in on Vile Parle train station. Frantically, he advances toward the foot overbridge. Superman goes after him.

Our caped superhero has met his match. Lex Luther is lost in the crowd. Superman rushes through the teeming population. This is a rough moment for him, as the merciless crowd makes their way to work. His cape is pulled in several directions, but his underwear's condition is even more tragic.

A Churchgate local arrives. Through the mass of commuters, Superman spots Lex Luther as he gets into a compartment. Superman is also pulled in by the mass into another compartment.

This is exhausting. Ajay Varma, courier boy and all-round good samaritan notices our hero. Clearly, he needs a seat.

Ajay holds Superman by his arm, and squeezes him through. All seats are taken.

As a disappointed Superman is about to collapse, Ajay blurts out to the seated gentleman on the right.

"Bas kya, thoda khisak na!"

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