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Every four years, the Olympics comes around and every Indian stops and wonders why we don't win more medals.

Sofa Sadhus across the country crack open their favorite black label and scratch their fat bellies in search of explanations - gorement malfeasance, lack of sports infrastructure, lack of national sports role models are some typical ones thrown out.

One common explanation is that as a people we lay too much emphasis on sending our little mugpots to tuition where they slave over O.P Sinhal and become agreeable but lackluster doctors and engineers. Instead we should be making them put on their bata shoes and do more rounds on the games field.

This saying in Hindi captures this ethos and our cultural predilection for academics over sports best:

Kheloge kudoge to honge kharab, padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab which means that your life will be a waste if you play but if you study or do well in academics you will be a king.


Little Asha: Ma, should I join the relay team or take physics tuition after schools?
Mother: Bleddy Idiot you think you are P.T Usha or what....Kheloge kudoge to honge kharab, padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab!
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