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Kanta Bai is your house maid.Yes the one who comes to do the routine chores and probably earns more than a fresh engineering graduate.Her petticoat is usually longer than her polyester saree and she wears a blouse which has a refractive index less than a soda bottle ensuring the mole on her back doesn't go unnoticed.In your opinion she has gifted curves and a drunkard husband who might transform into a dalla at the very sight of few moolaahs.
You have never talked with her but you sometimes open door for her(your mom and Grandma busy bitching about reshma aunty in the backdrop).
Your heart skips a heartbeat at the sight of her tucked saree.
Then what you are waiting for?Go to her, tell her to clean your room,make her climb your study table,slam your door and..........

come back to normality think of your 80 year old grandma spinning wool in the mangolian plains.


You: kanta bai,mera room saaf karna hai,bahut dirty ho gaya hai.
Kanta bai: thik hai saab
you slam your door while she is busy trying to get rid of tough stains just below manisha Koirala's poster(A nepali actress) on your wall.
kanta bai:Kya hua Saab?
You:Kuch nahi Hawa ka jhoka.(nothing,a gust of wind)

You think of your grandma spinning wool in the mangolian plains.

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