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\Kaan: (rhymes [same to same] with "naan", the type you would order to go with your [gravy dish]). Khan toh all know to pronounce. from the epiglottis, no less.\
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A derogatory term used to refer to those self-proclaimed larger than life individuals who claim (or cause to be claimed through their chicchas,whether by specific instruction thereof or their omission to prevent such claims) that no problem is unsurmountable for them, no man can withstand their prowess when the situation demands; thus, that they are nothing short of Shaktiman, Byomkesh Bakshi, Tendulkar, the ultimate dada, P. Chidambaram, etc etc and all other such personalities rolled into one, as and how the situation may warrant. An enhanced and evolved pailan but with way taller claims.


Saleem: Arre budget main daama bada diya bhai Merseedis ke. Budget main to bhi banana tha.
Jahangir: Offo! Aisa! Jaan do kaankhan.
[Saleem: Its a shame how the prices of the Mercedes have gone up post budget. This wouldnt have happened if the fiscal policy making would have been entrusted to me.
Jahangir: Really! Why dont you go the terrace and fly a kite, you good for nothing-Inter-Pass in fourth attempt.)
Saleem: Arre. Baazu wala isstate attack kar diya kate. Main jaarun border pe. Saat-aath sau ku uda ke aatun.
Jahangir: Saat-aath sau? Gosh layinge raat me boleto tumku darr lagta street light nai hai bolke. Ye kya kaankhan ke baatan nakko karo.
(Saleem: I believe a neighbouring country has attacked us. Am heading to the border. Will kill atleast 700-800, you wait and see.
Jahangir: 700-800? In the night, you wont come out on the road if there are no street lights. Dont talk like Shaktiman.)
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