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my mother-in-law is Lapanese. but has been living in India for over 30 years now. While on a recent visit to Japan, mum-san, drew out her family tree, and added little annotations here and there, so i could be well acquainted with the extended family. Against her nephew and his wife she put down, "issue-less couple".

I hadnt heard that word in a while! but soon i was pregnant, now a mother- and the birth certificates and 'anya' paperwork brought up this word again.

issue: means offspring. progeny.

Its plain english but i think its used more in India. Think many times have you filled a form and said, "no issue"


on a form
issue: no issue

he died without an issue.

Added 2011-07-30 by Logonathan




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Soon after you are introduced to a new person, & you are asked where you live, you could be asked this question "Issue?" or "Any Issues?" This is not a cue to bring up your trans-gender deep thoughts nor, for that matter, do I suggest you just nod!
Added 2011-07-03 by Oorina hudugi