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minns: I will pull your tongue out!

This phrase is often used by fother-mother, and especially grandfother-grandmother to indicate that they have had just about enough of the cheek and arguing from young folks these days. It is a sign of intense anger, bordering on uncontrollable rage, and any eng persons in the vicinity would be well advised to shut your face i.e. stop arguing immediately, and run for the hills.

Those who feel like indulging in a bit of Aa Bail, Mujhe Maar can stay. If you get sound thrashing though, then don't say I didn't tell you so.


*Come come, I will show you scene from modern family life in India.

Stern grandfother is lecturing modern young granddaughter, reminding her that as a woman, she has no right to a life of her own, and must do exactly as she is told - just as Indian women have been doing for centuries. None of this modern stuff about choosing one's own path will fly with the patriarch.

Young granddaughter is a fiery independent-minded specimen, who hates her grandfother for being a total sexist*


Grandfother : "Enough! You will stop seeing this boyfriend of yours, and you will marry Mr. Chaddha's grandson without delay. Young girls from good families don't fall in love, they marry to increase the name and wealth of the khandaan."

Granddaughter : "This is MY LIFE! I will do what I want to! I'm not living life according to some old chauvanist control-freak who will be dead in less than ten years!"

Grandfother, highly enraged : "Badtameez ladki!!! Teri itni mazaal!!! Hum tumhari zubaan kheech lenge!"

*Life in a joint family in modern India is never dull, as you can see. Always some drama will be there*

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