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Horny Hulo the term is a mixture of words which even the most complicated interracial marriages, adoptions or gene splicing fail to define !! Take these two terms in their entire totality Horny the term which denotes dirty verbal jousting over the phone or the internet or a circus tent in the lungi of a naughty indian uncle under ripe circumstances or over shopping of cucumbers by the sex who cant erect a circus hut or just unjust public displays of affection ,, or a million other reasons while the testosterone is high !

HULO in bengali means a fat cat which eats all day and loves coitus and intercourse after a 4 course meal with rosogollas as dessert . So inevitably when these two words come together they from an unbeatable axis of hornyness which smites paris hilton , shiela ki jawani and all the munnis who were badnamed with the left hand while the right hand was tied to the back all along !! This term denotes drifters , predetors , kink samosas , Horny jalebis , Alur dosh as in fault of the potatoes ] or in short people who cannot keep it in their pants .. literally, poetically, virtually or other wise !! A certain pure soul with a satanic out look from the lake towns of calcutta called siddharta saha was the creator of this term !


Subir's grandpa is horny hulo !

Oi horny hulo stop looking at her he is your daughters age !

Jadu is a horny hulo when he comes fish stop swimming as he does any thing that moves !!

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