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There is no edible, potable, wearable stuff or doable action that can qualify to exist in India, without that stuff being labeled 'Heat' or 'Cold'.
'Heat or Cold' refers to the effect the stuff has on your body and by extension health if used. Probably has root in Ayurveda with its Sheeta and Ushna concepts translating into English lingo thus.

Heat symptoms:
South end burning or irritation of the anus or the genitals, eyes burning, burning sensation of the palms and under-feet, loose motion, irritability, a strong and constant urge to pee(English) or pee(Hindi).
Cold symptoms:
Feeling like there is an ice cube in your rectum, elevated libido, eyes looking for sexies, tight motion if there ever was such a thing, a smile on your face, urge to eat incessantly, day dreaming.


'Heat' List:
Brandy, Nylon Bra or body, green chillies, chicken, plastic sandals, mosaic floor, cold beer, ice, cloves,masturbation, coconut oil, brinjal(suggested use is eating; not female masturbation), computer, driving, porn-sites, tamarind, coffee, jaggery(gud), phone call from boss or the home minister
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'Cold' List:
Wine, cotton chaddi, red chillies, pork, leather sandals, red-oxide floor warm beer, hot water, ginger, normal sex, castor oil, cucumber( again eating only), classic novels, tea, temple or church or mosque, lemon, Kallu Sakkare, chatting with the old flame or chaddi dost.
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