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Often pronounced 'Gribhaans cell' it is an integral part of the government mechanism of the Indian republic. Every ministry (central or state) and very organisation related to the Indian Government has a grievance cell.
These organisations may range from the Chief Ministers' of various states, to your local bijli board, to the National Stock Exchange to your favorite Air India to any other department which at some point has pissed off its customer.
So basically if you are pissed off and want to vent it out and you try to find out from the concerned organization who to complain to, please save everybody the hassle and locate the gribhaans cell and kindly do the needfull.
In all likelyhood your gribhaanses will never be addressed as the babu in charge has already retired or been transferred.


You - Madam, for no reason what so ever a letter from the LIC policy claims that I am actually dead and my policy be discontinued.
Madam Babu - Please get your birth certificate. character certificate, attested copy of your mother fathers birth certificate signed by them and 2 recent photos along with photocopy of all your documents.
You - But madam i did that last week!
Madam Babu - Then Sir, please go to fifth floor and register your gribhaanses with the Gribhaans Cell.
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