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The truest measure of most matters musical.

Quality control mechanism located in your heart. Works purely on the Physiology of Emotions; to be trusted implicitly. Appears in the form of tiny raised bumps on your skin, making it look like a plucked chicken.

Especially relevant in this era of hype & hungama where Music ends up being about everything but.


Kalyani Miss (Science teacher): The goosebumps that erupt on your skin are directly proportional to the wow-factor of the music. So, I am teaching to you one important Life-Lesson today: Go by the Goosebump!
Nisha: Ooooh, very hep miss we have ya! Should we take her to the Bryan Adams concert next week?
Reshma: Ayo donant ma. She's saying all this just to be cool in front of Noel Sir...but actually she's too damn *logical*..she'll bring off one vernier caliper there and try to measure the wow-factor minns ayyayyo! Izzat will be Faloodaed in front of Rohan & his gang.
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