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While typically used to refer to a beautiful and fair girl from a village, the expression itself reveals something interesting about us.

Hindi phrase which translates to "the white girl in the village." "Gaon" means "village" and "gori" means "fair."

Being an Indian girl who looks like a gori girl or a foreigner is always a compliment.Also the name of a popular Bollywood movie. Stems from our national obsession with being fair.


"Modiji’s bharatiya naari is an entirely different breed, best epitomised in iconic ye olde Hindi film cliches: the gaon ki gori sweating over the hot chulha; demure housewife serving chai-paani to her hardworking patidev; long-suffering widow who looks for livelihood to feed her children; soft-hearted mother whose love extends to all of God’s creatures. Why talk to the real women in front of you, when you can wax eloquent about imaginary ones culled from fiction."
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