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One of the most common forms of cricket - in this case - cricket played in narrow lanes of a city or town (narrow lanes are called GALLIS).

This version of cricket has its own set of informal rules, any team size between 2 to any number of kids, various bowling and batting rules - based on terrain, layout of the houses, compound walls, intolerant neighbours, obnoxious uncles and auntys who threaten seize the ball if it goes over their walls, roofs etc.

Many famed indian cricketers at some point in their youth, may have played Galli Cricket.


Sunil speaking about his friend Ajay who is now a famed national and international level cricketer.

"Ajay may be a famous cricketer now but he too started in Galli cricket. He used to constantly fight with a sour grumpy neighbourly uncle who used to hold the ball hostage every time the ball went on that uncle's terrace.

Now that same uncle pretends that this never happened and even claims he helped nurtured Ajay to be a great cricketer. He even helps other people get Ajay's autograph and lovingly croons about Ajay's natural born talent".

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