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Top praise for something, more often than not a food item. As with a lot of our lingo, your enthusiasm and passion is conveyed as much in the body language you employ as in the words you use.

Follow after me:
Raise your right hand about chest level, palm towards you;
Lightly touch your index finger to your thumb;
Let the other three fingers curve inward ever so slightly, this is for style;
Rock your hand up and down in a slow hammar motion;
With down-turned lips and knit-brows say "Ffffffirrrrst Classss!"

On the scale of appreciation one would be hard pressed to do better than First Class. Reserve this for the best!


Ted: "So, kid, did you take Maala to that new sushi restaurant at The Gardenia like you planned?"
Shreshta: "No da, we went to CTR"
Ted (confused): "CTR?"
Shre: "Central Tiffin Room. Malleswaram. Macha, the filter coffee there is Ffffirst Class ra rei!"
Ted: "Second date?"
Shre: "No..."
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Of excellent quality. Comes from the breaking of up railway compartments into first second and third class compartments.


I had first class food at Nagarjuna and then took non veg at imperial and got gastric.
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generally used ny Indians to say "The Best"


rajan:yea suit kaisa hei yaar?
Shoiab:waah..!yeh tho 'first class'hei!

(how's the suit? waah, first class!)

Added 2011-08-26 by Badaayi Ramathi