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You don't even have to say the word "Coffee", it's implied. There is no other way to imbibe the stuff and there is no better caffeinated beverage than Filter Coffee. It's a magical recipe that cannot be summed up by describing percolation. A specific stainless steel double-chambered contraption with nano-holes is a must. The coffee beans were hand roasted somewhere not too far away, that much you can count on. There's a hint of chicory in the powder, and you purists can go jump off a cliff. The milk just about overboiled and was poured with the decoction over an almost vertical air-cooled distance of about a metre. Sugar? One and a half teaspoons please... THAT my friends is Filter Coffee. Respect.


Shishya: Uff, too much work ra, getting tired...
Guru: Come, we'll go put one filter and come.
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