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The second-most popular sticky substance in the sub-continent, after "gum", it will repair just about everything including a broken heart if one was to believe the latest (brilliant) ad campaigns on TV.

Whether you snapped your buddy's new Natraj pencil clean in two or smashed your amma's favourite flower pot, just reach for salvation in the guise of that ubiquitous white tub with the royal blue lid... you know the one I'm talking about, behind the Bombay Anandabhavan sweets box full of used up ball point pens.

But first you'd have to pry the lid off with a screwdriver since it's sealed shut from a previous layer of hardened gum. Then peel back the half inch thick layer of useless skin caked over from when your cousin brother left it open after wrapping his fair notebooks in brown paper. Under which is the last millimetre of precious white amber with 3-4 houseflies preserved in it for posterity.

The best tool for application, unless you'd purchased the high end version with the (single-use) plastic brush, is the tip of your index finger. When you're done with the functional part of your project, go ahead and add an extra glob of Fevicol on your fingertip and gently blow until it dries there.

Now you can pretend to touch your friends with a dangerous gummed finger and watch them freak out and laugh like anything at their gullibility. Fun!!!


Somu: "Mummee, I fell and cut my leg. It is paining!"
Mummy: "Just put Fevicol for now. When your father comes I'll ask him where he kept the bandages. Only he knows..."
Somu: "Fevicol on my hurt??? No..."
Mummy: "Your choice, otherwise I'll put Tincture of Benzene!"
Somu: "Noooooooooo...!"
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