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Translates to "I pulled my arm back and slapped that guy hard". Phrase used often by young Indian women when describing to their gal pals how they deal with instances of eve-teasing. Giving one tight slap across a creep's face is the one form of defence that young ladies have perfected over the decades. When in a crowded place, it serves to publicly humiliate the male offender, to stop him in his tracks from proceeding further, as well as to inform the surrounding female junta that they should be on the watch in case he comes too close. Occasionally, a few good men in the crowd will beat up the molester to teach him a lesson. But such happy outcomes are rare.

Men are rarely heard using this phrase in India, except when using corporal punishment against their own children.


Uma: "What did you do the first time you were groped on Brigade's da? So many creeps walk around there!"

Roshni : "What did I do? Ek kheech ke maara usko. He almost fell down, pity he didn't fall down and break his head when he stumbled"

*Uma is full inspired, and waits for the next creep in anticipation of her first slap*

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