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DJ party is a mode of introducing Western influences to traditional Indian social,cultural and even religious functions.
In short,DJ party stands for the juxtaposition of Westernization and tradition.
Manifestion of being traditional with modern outlook


Mrs Gupta : Let us have DJ party for Chintoo's reception
Mr Gupta : Whattay nonsense are you saying.All noise.No music only.
Mrs Gupta : Don't be so traditional.Everyone is having a DJ party in shaadis . Young people like it.

Socialite 1 : Where are you going for Holi?
Socialite 2: I think I'll go to Nandy's bash. Heard there is a killer DJ party planned.The same DJ who played for Ganesh Chathurthi's.
Socialite 1: Wow...I'm surely tagging along.I always say, DJs make these Page 3 parties happening ya.Not to forget, groovy dancing to DJ music is good for the waistline.

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