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Given the fact Diwali is a widely celebrated festival,the enthusiasm and fervor is built up a fortnight before .One such enthusiasm building activity is the Diwali mela(Diwali fair)

People, especially the kids, wait eagerly for the Diwali melas. The concept of Diwali melas is popular not just in India, but also overseas. The Diwali fetes give a fabulous opportunity for people to be at their traditional best as these melas serves as a great means to get in touch with cultural roots.

At many places, these Diwali fairs are organized for a social cause,wherein the money earned is contributed to charity. For example, the Blind school Diwali Mela is a landmark event for all socialites in Delhi.It is almost gained the status of a Page 3 event.

Diwali fairs offers magic show ,puppet shows , merry go around rounds, ferris wheels etc.Diwali meals are a gourmet's delight as various lip smacking food items such as paapri chat,paanipuri,kebabs etc


Kid 1 : Here is my birthday party invitation.It is on Friday at 5 P.M.

Kid 2: Can't make it. I'm going to my mum's kitty party Diwali mela. I love sitting on the ferris wheel and eating the Bhelpuri there.

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