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'Cutex' is 'nail polish'. Like "Xerox' or 'Jeep'...the brand name becomes so famous that you identify the product with it. In the world of ladice matters, 'Cutex' is one such.

Depending on your chapparness quotient, you are mostwelcome to take it a few steps lower by calling it 'tootex' or 'kyootess'.


Muniyamma: Akkow! Nangondu cutex kodsakka. See my nails...plaiin & unadorned it is, like forehead without pottu. Tchee,everybody will loff! Come akka, let us go to bale-angdi & buy no?
Me: Mummy told you to sweep the backyard & you didn't anthe? Now if she comes to know that I'm buying cutex also for you...thats all! Yimmmediately she vill pack my bags & send me off to the orphanage (from when I was 3 years old she is threatening, kheekheekhee).
Muniyamma: *making cryyying face* in the bale-angdi it is only ten rupiss akka! And if i bite my lower lip & wink, that owner Manja vill give it for fie-rupiss also *pulling my hand like one rubberband*....Akkaa...akkaaaaa...baarakkow!
Me: Muniyamma, khaindly do not behave like an uncouth great risk to life, limb & permanent residence, I will buy you your bloody 'tootex'. Come, let us go conquer that Ganja.
Muniyamma: Giggle. 'Ganja' allakka, 'Manja'! My akka besstest, my akka besstest!! Maggie Noodals I will make for you today!

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