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It's a shop where you get designer coffee powder. Unlike than in any other Indian city it is a hallmark of Bangalore culture.

I know coffee works well on cold mornings, or if I haven't had a good night of sleep, or have a hangover or headache.

But here Coffee Works is a noun forming part of the business names of coffee powder making shops, like the business names that contain an Auto-Works, a Lathe-Works, and a Perfumery-Works, Bangalore is sprinkled with several thousands of Coffee Works, to which generations upon generations of customers have remained loyal.

If you are hooked on to say Venkateshwara Coffee Works and his freshly roasted-ground p.b coffee with 5 to 10% chicory you would say 'till apocalypse do us part' to that coffee.

The Coffee Works' greatest advantage is you can get the designer coffee customized to your taste, and even a couple of different blends to suit a a few coffee addicts of your home. You can buy just 100gms every two days. Prices are generally reasonable, usually just 10-20% higher than branded coffees.


Once, you finish the initial experimental titration
with a new local Coffee Works, and you narrow down to the kind of coffee blend and darkness you like best, all you have to tell the store guy is how much of it you want. He remembers very well the different blends each of his hundreds of customers prefer to buy.
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