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An undocumented, informal (also questionable) set of principles guiding the political class when working across party lines in gorement.

Coalition refers to the collection of parties agreeing to run the government as a team.

Dharma is duty, in Sanskrit.

The term is of recent coinage, and has been in use rather frequently. Major political decisions by ruling coalition parties revolve around a series of deals between members. A lot of the time, significantly poor decisions are attributed to the vagaries and impulses of petulant partners.

The Dharma in question has an air or irony attached to it.


"What to do? Coalition Dharma only, no? We cannot give any more concessions to the Rummy Players Association. Tomorrow, Housie players will start asking more-more tables here and there, you will give or what? Our club is not run by one single dynasty, you know"
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