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\soft 'ch' - like the 'ch' in 'chair', rest as it appears. It should rhyme with 'Lambu' if done correctly\
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used as an adjective to describe any of the following conditions: value and use-impaired, decrepit, on the roads in sheer penury, broken-down, obsolete, ruined, etc etc.

Literally, though, means a small spherical vessel, made of metal or plastic and which is put to many many...diverse...uses in India - more respectfully known a "lota" in Hindi.


Saleem: Abaa, phone full chann bolra. Kitte mein kharida phone?
Jahangir: Pure bees hazar mein liya maam.
Saleem: Bees hazar! Ye chambu China-ke-maal phone ku itte paise diya.
Jahangir: Jaando pailan. Tumari halat chambu hai to sab tumku chambu dikhta kya, mian?

(Saleem: Wow! what a phone you are having. Full shining only. How much did you pay for it?
Jahangir: I paid a full Rs. 20,000 for it, mate.
Saleem: You paid Rs. 20,000 for this fake, China-manufactured, obsolete piece of trash.
Jahangir: Let it go, wrestler. Just because your condition is tight and bad, everything you see you also think is bad.)

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