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Challan is part of the great Indian bureaucracy. It loosely means any form that has to be filled up to make an official payment through cash, money order, cheque et - usually done at a cashier or bank counter.

It is part of the administrative red tape nightmare and a necessary hoop to cross to achieve simple or complex tasks from bills to college admissions.

It can also mean a fine when it involves a traffic or other minor violation.


Admission office clerk to Jaggu the fresher college student:
"Take it this form, fill in the triplicate and go to challan counter and pay challan for Rs. 30, bring back the counterfoil and get it signed by the department in charge and submit with mark sheets true copy and come back to this counter after 3 days before noon to pick up the new transfer form that has also to be submitted after requisite signatures in triplicate".
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