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We are all too familiar with "Western" efforts at exoticizing India. When Americans or Europeans do it, we shake our heads disparagingly. See Opariah Winfrey, Brownface and Karma Gora for entires that capture our displeasure at being portrayed as nothing more than a land of elephants, snake-charmers and oh-so-colorful weddings. However, when the Brazilians do it, it feels different.

Caminho das Índias or "India a Love Story" is a popular and award winning soap opera that ran in Brazil in 2009. We won't get into the plot but it has all the masala of a good Bollywood film including trite illicit affairs between characters from different castes. However, there are Brazilian women in saris (every mans fantasy?) and attractive Brazilian men. And so as Indians we might have to reserve our judgements lest we be guilty of double standards as.. doesn't every desi exoticize BrazilianS as well?


"The Caminho das Indias telenovela, with Hindi phrases thrown into the Portuguese dialogue, has piqued Brazilians' interest in the emerging economic powerhouse that was little-known here before.

Hindi phrases such as the exclamation Arre Baba (Oh my goodness!) have entered everyday speech; interest in yoga, meditation and Indian dance is on the rise and demand for Indian clothes and decorations has jumped. " - TVNZ
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