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Used to define Indian movies which have sleazy scenes ranging from Saree slips to Navel sightings... and an integral part of C-Grade movies are their innovative names viz. Rakhail bani chudail ( whore becomes witch); Uska pati mera pyar( her husband my lover), Sheela ki jawani and a multitude of other equally creative names.
Thes movies are played in sleazy and naughty cinemas frequented by naughty Indian uncles when their wives think they have gone to the bank.


Rajesh- (Wearing his messenger hat) Arre, Sunil; you watched that new picture?
Sunil- Which picture yaar?
Rajesh- Arre baap re, That new picture Jangli Jawani...
Sunil- No yaar, will go tomorrow only. Will tell Mrs. am going to bank
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