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For Mumbaikars, taking the morning train into work can be one of the most maddening and BP inducing experiences known to man.
While the majority of the commuting population is trying to barely survive by asking for a sliver of bumspace ("thoda khisak na!") or trying to avoid the Mahim-Matunga fellow who has just put his feet in your face, there a few who take a different approach to their commute; One such group is the Bhajan Mandali crew.

The Bhajan Mandali are a group of people who basically break into devotional songs on their train ride to work. The stock of songs usually depends on the day. For instance, on a Monday they sing Shiva bhajans. On Tuesdays it is Ganpati. Wednesdays are for Panduranga Vitthala (a form of Krishna) and so on.

Like all things in India, one mans Timepass is another mans poison. Recently, the police have cracked down on the signing on nuisance value grounds.


"The railway police have imposed a ban on the singing of hymns in Mumbai's local trains and notices were issued to bhajan mandalis asking them to discontinue their practice"

"After punishing commuters for spitting and playing cards on trains, the Central Railway (CR) on Thursday cracked down on those singing bhajans."

"'Some people play cards. Some sleep. Some play mischief standing at the exit. We do something better. We sing (devotional) songs,' Pujari said."

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