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Bhadva means a 'Pimp.' A guy who actually acts as an agent between a Prostitute/Harlot/Hooker/Whore (Randi/chinal-term in hindi used by Goondas and street Romeozz) and a person who wants to have sex.

Bhadva's(also called Dalal by porki fellas) are found in different narrow streets of old cities/areas and shops playing old item number songs with scary unknown people all around.

They work for different Randi-Khanas-Brothel(Place/Buildings where Prostitutes are found-for that matter consider the streets of Ratlam) and have to convince/invite the customer to spend their precious time with Prostitutes for which they charge certain amount as their commission.

They look similar to road side Goondas with a loose shirt (with two or three buttons on from the top) with tight Pants and Chappals/Sandals/Slippers.A rich pimp may have bike or golden bracelet to attract people with a clean handkerchief tied across their neck.

They have a special power to find decent fellas(Naughty Indian uncles who acts Horny/Tharki sometimes) convincing them to come with him to Randi-Khana assuring that they won't regret afterwards.(As they gonna have Sensuous time with the Prostitutes)

Bhadva Term is also used amongst the buddy Teenagers(College Dudes) as an abuse to show tashan in caring way.


Uncle : Bhaiya yeah Aaachar Wali gali kaha par hai ? (Brother where is the street...from where i can get pickles?)

Pimp : Saab woh ssub Choodoo. Mere Saath Chalo..Ek Rrapchik Maal aayela hai (Sir...leave that...Instead come with me and i will show u a beautiful young girl)

Uncle : Chal Bey dur Haath..! mujse tuj jaise logo se baat nai Karni. (Buzz Off Dude..i don't want to talk to you)

Pimp : Kya Saab !! Aap toh bura maan gaye. Aapun Bhav kam kar ke dega na. Apka 1st time hai par zada ghabrane ka nai.! mein ha na aapke saath. (What Sir !! i Know it's your 1st time and you are scared...but don't worry i will reduce the amount)

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