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I can not believe all the poli, lafang, porki, falthu, kanthri, sex-fixationed Samosapedian buggers have not put their khopdi to good use and define BF so far, I say.
Even I won't have to define it. If you don't know by the remotest of chances what BF means, I know a certain truth about you.
You are a "Kudmi". No use being on samosite get out and go to the nearest 'Aashram'


Niklesh Khanna : I have always considered a Blue Film to be such only if it is "XXX". I would call "XX" as Brown Film and finally "X" as black film (nothing to see in it). I don't mind you bakras calling them all 'BF'
Added 2011-08-13 by I love Dtool



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