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Bevcos are stores owned by the Kerala government's liquor retail monopoly, Beverages Corporation. Well behaved, male individuals who keep the queue can buy a variety of brands like OCR, OPR and MH here, at lower than Shaap rate. All bottles come with holograms and are wrapped in yesterday's Deshabhimani or Manorama based on the staff's political persuasions. The Tamil Nadu equivalent is the decidedly more sidey Tasmac.

Closed on the first of every month and high holidays. Opens after 6 pm on hartal days.


Johnson: Aliya, let us go the Bevco and buy a quarter of OCR...
Prafakaran: Manda! Today is May 1st.

Sabu: Eday, let us go the Shaap and have a 100 milli?
Thomaskutty: Manda! You will lose your eyesight and your photam will be printed in Manorama. Better stand in the Bevco queue.

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