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Bell bottom was a popular style of trousers ('touser', 'pants' or 'phants' more colloquially) in the '70s through mid-80's that 'flared' or were 'bell-shaped' at the bottom.

These traditionally started somewhere just below your nipples and much above your belly-button and extended all the way past your ankle to the floor.


Combine this with tight floral print (silk) shirt 'tucked-in' with buttons open to show a man's chest hair, a wide belt with sparkly buckle and 'step-cut', was the epitome of urban cool in '70s India. What many may perhaps do not realize that this style was widely popular elsewhere in the world as well having originated in the '60s US with 'flower-power' as 'hippy-chic.'


Ramesh: Machan, bell-bottoms super ishtyle da.
Mani: Po-da, vennai.
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Tamil Nadu

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