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Bata maybe a major shoe brand worldwide endall. But middle class India of the 70's didnt know that & didnt really care. It was the place where the entire family went in wholesale to parrchase their stock of chappals & shoes for the year.

Bata shoes & chappals will (still) last you etleast 10 years per piece; they wont tear even if you sat & cut it with a knife. (I should know; a group of cousins & myself, sick of the one thara uncool design of the shoes & the sheer boredom of wearing the same damn ones for so long, decided to damage ours with a pen-knife. Mission mega-failure. Plus, bums sore with the lathi charge that followed) And if you added the value-for-money factor - aaaaha! Retail-nirvana!

In those days of simpler business practises & straightforward selling, Bata pricing was just about the only business minded & innovative pricing strategy in town. Instead of marking Mummy's ugly saree chappal at 100Rs (ayyo, so coastly!) the price tag would be just-merely Rs99.75 (endamme!, so cheepp! Let us buy!). Satisfaction at not having spent 100Rs in heart, full family would pile onto the Jawa & ride off into the twilight.


Mummy: see this saree, oLLy it is 99 rupees 75paise! That too it is Garden silk!
Daddy: *speaking in the tone of Marketing Guru who understands yavvrything about bissness* Hehehe, these clever fellows! Bata pricing they are doing! They think we wont know or what? Hmph!
Mummy: okay okay, if you start your letcher youll never stop. Now kindly give your wallet.
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