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The word Bangalore might evoke images of a bustling cosmopolitan Indian city bursting at the seams, road side romeos walking around Brigades, pub kulcher, UB city, Dingos dancing at Catholic Club or little bespectacled mugpots from St. Joseph's engaging in low-grade rowdy behavior involving poly mangos.

When you think Bangalore, you might also think technology hub, outsourcing or kaffeeklatsch at Kosh's.

What you will not think however, is..... torpedos! Yes, around 1913, Captain McClintock of the British army while serving in Bangalore, invented an explosive device used for clearing booby traps and light obstacles such as barricades and barbed wire. This device was called the Bangalore Torpedo.

Bangalore Torpedoes were widely used in both World Wars, most famously during the D Day landings to clear obstacles from the beaches as seen in the films Saving Private Ryan and the Longest Day.


Bangalore Porki1: How was last night macha? did you put with that bombshell from Mounts with big knockers?
Bangalore Porki2: Ofcourse macha. I put for 3 hours straight. The sex was so explosive, she called me the Bangalore Torpedo!
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