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'Baam' is a word derived from 'Balm' which stands for topical medication made of variant plants, herbs and other ingredients with very strong smell and healing powers. it is in form of thick paste or cream applied superficially over a wound on the aching part of the body.


Baam literally means a pisshead or someone who is absolutely plastered on alcohol or drugs. However it has multiple meanings which are co-related with rest of the sentence used with the word or simply derived from the expression and body language of the user. It is regularly used by many to complement their sentences (but the word actually has different meanings). For example e:g., 'Chandu can't walk straight, she is baam (drunk)' or 'He can't solve a simple puzzle, he is so baam (stupid)!’. It can be either as a transitive verb or a personal pronoun ('Every time we meet we have to get baam' or simply 'Baaam! whats up?')or as an exclamation or as a determinant of something that is really cool or sometimes extremely boring! ('Those graphics were really baam man!). The flexibility of this words facilitates its extensive use at various conjunctures, for example (Dude that was a really baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamm bleeding party). Here the combination of excitement on the face and elongation of the word confirms that I am pissing myself over that amazing party we just had, however a contraction of the same word and unenthusiastic face might mean that party was horrible. suffixs' can be attached to morph the word into a feeling. 'baamness'
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