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Seemingly a strong term used in general parlance to warn a person off doing something. It means exactly what it normally implies in English, no goodals here.

However. It's nuanced in that it applies to just about everything you would be well advised to steer clear of, however small and insignificant, however commonsensical... an air of gravity and wisdom pervades.


Krishna: I hau to go from Yelahanka to Sarjapura, what do you think, Ring Road is best no?
Ramu: What time are you going?
Krishna: 4 o'clock
Ramu: Mptch (wise lip smacking) Sssss (sharp intake of breath) ... (thoughtful pause) ... Better avoid.


Shyamala: Thank you aunty, lunch was really amazing!
Aunty: No mention beti. But have some sweet.
Shyamala: No aunty, I'll avoid.

{NB: If Shyamala had not had the foresight to use the word "avoid", she would have been emotionally bludgeoned into consuming dessert before departing}

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