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at the rate

\Ate the rate aaf\
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Abbreviation. September 12, 2014, Word of the Day


Amazing as it may seem, you can hear folks announce their e-mail as ignoramus "at the rate of" ( for those who have not got it yet). You scratch your head and squint hard every time you hear a desi use 'at the rate of' for the @ sign in an email address. The lessons from 6th class simble indresd problems have been so ingrained in the skull (remember (p.n.r/100), where r is interest 'at the rate of....@' that the definition sticks lifelong. Admittedly the usage has come down, but every so often a desi bhai or behan will surprise with at the rate of


Adhik jankari ke liye aap Hamay email, babajotish at the rate of hotmail daat kaam pe bheje.

(To learn more, send me email to babajotish at the rate of hotmail daat com.)

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