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A mallu word that has been defined as "silent, immobile and compact" by Tehelka Journalist CK Meena. Connotes the repressed femininity demanded off of every mallu woman.
Coconut oiled hair bound in a kulipinnu, modestly dressed in saree or churidhar with duppatta draped carefully and neatly over her breasts, the adangi odungi woman keeps indoors when it becomes dark to avoid comment adi. She prepares an elaborate meal and waits while her husband goes out and does small adi.


Sharada teacher: Entamme!! that geyl Daisy is soo notty!! simbly climbing window, beating up the boys and sitting in class with legs wide apart!
Shijitha teacher: Give her 2 slaps and ask her to sit koitly... adangi odungi irikkan para! (ask her to be adangi odungi)

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