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Noun. October 5, 2011, Word of the Day


ABCDEFGHIJ = American Born Confused Desi Escaped From Gujarat Hiding In Jersey.

Everyone of Indian descent in the United States knows there are Indian-Americans and then there are Indian-Americans from New Jersey. So pervasive, permeated and powerful are they that one of the five languages in which you can vote in New Jersey is...Gujarati (none of Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, French, or German make the list, by the way).

ABCDEFGHIJs are well known for having parents who, along with their entire extended family and friends, left the same village in Gujarat and, through various ports of call, made their way to New Jersey in the 1970s and 1980s. Where they have done their best to replicate village life albeit with modern amenities such as SUVs and wide-screen TVs. But whose channels are tuned to Indian channels - soap operas by day, the stock market and cricket by night.


Nitin: Hey, can you believe that freshman cutie Amrita from Edison had never even heard of the Beatles or Bruce Springsteen before she came to college? I mean, not even Springsteen, who is like their official state mascot!
Anand: Yep, classic ABCDEFGHIJ. And what's the bet she can't swing or salsa but finished her arangetram when she was, like, 12?
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